Nat's Bio and Family

Nat Young has lived the surfing life for almost half a century. He is recognized as one of the great surfers in the history of the sport. His motto is and always has been to " make it a beautiful life " he believes you have only one chance and you had better make it a good one. Nat was an integral part in the redesigning of the longboard in the late 60s and a co-founder of the longboard renaissance in the early 80s. The four times World Champion still lives his life totally devoted to riding waves, surfing either a long or short board at every opportunity he gets.

Nat has always loved good projects, so far he has written 5 books, 3 of which are available on this site. The other 2, Surfing Australia's East Coast and Surfing and Sailboard Guide to Australia are collectors items. He has made 2 movies, Fall-Line(1977) and The History of Australian Surfing (1984). These days he lives an idyllic but still eventful life based in his beloved Angourie, where he combines his love for surf with his other great passion, his family.

Nat's wife Ti is 10 years younger, born 16 July 1957, a tall striking blond from Palm Beach on the northern beaches of Sydney, she loves the surfing life style but has never ridden a wave on a board, preferring bodysurfing as a much purer form of surfing.

Naomi is Natıs eldest child, born in Byron Bay in JULY 1971, she was a very fortunate girl growing up in both the country and the city. The beautiful Naomi is a competent goofy foot, who loves the cruising style of riding her longboard with her husband Nick and 2 children, Indy, born in June 02 and Zoe, born October 04.

page1_8page1_9Nava is the academic in the family, born in Sydney on 16th December 83. Another talented Goofy foot, she spends her life chasing waves, playing her guitar, writing music and trying to compete her university degree.
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Beau is the current star of the family, born in Grafton on the 28th August 74, he became world longboard champion in 00 and 03. Then retired from competition and pursued a music career that millions of fans around the world.

page1_13Bryce is the rising star of the young clan, born 22 October 90 he is exploding everywhere he chooses to open up, in the top bracket of professional longboarders, however can bust airs on shortboards just as well. Snowboards,Surfboards, Skateboards, rips em all with incredible talent. With numerous wins in Australia and overseas surfing competition the road is looking extremely promising for Bryce.

This completes the picture of what makes it a beautiful life for the Young family.