Surfing Fundamentals

128 pages, including 70,000 words of text, 120 black and white photos and sketches, 10 pages of colour.
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Now in it's fourth printing this book has taught thousands of people to surf. The inside information from four times World Surfing Champion, Nat Young. All the tips from his 43 years of experience, good clean advise for the beginner and the advanced surfer, including how to ride a Shortboard, Longboard, Bodyboard, kneeboard and Wave Ski.

The basis of this manuscript was first commissioned by the Warringah Shire Council in 1976 as a guide to Australia¹s first Surf School. Over the course of two summers directing their surf school Nat Young refined the information to make a clear, definitive book that could be used to teach people of all ages how to surf, originally coming out as Nat Youngs Book of Surfing.

Part one is BASIC SURFING. Including, Starting out right, Choosing your board. Learning to paddle, Going into the ocean for the first time, Catching your first wave, Standing up, Basic Manoeuvres, Helpful hints, Caring for your board, Things that bite and sting and an important chapter on Attitude.


Part two is INFORMED SURFING. Advanced manoeuvres, from tube riding to aerials. Surfing big waves, Competitive surfing, Waves and weather, Where the waves are, and History through design.

Part three is ALTERNATE SURFING. The art of riding a malibu or Longboard, Kneeboard, Wave ski, and Boogie board, and a Glossary so you communicate.