Nat's Nat and That's That

comprising 512 pages of gloss matt art paper with 184 black and white pictures scattered through the 220,000 word text.


This is a truthful autobiographical account joining 25 short stories from surfing legends Nat Young¹s first 50 years...Henry and me with the Grunter ...Mickey Dora and his Lotus on Pacific Coast Highway ...2nd prise over Buff¹s shoulder...Smoking the wallopers bob hope... and another 20 tales of his adventures with the most colourful characters involved in the surfing world.

With the aid of his mum's journals and press clippings he was able to join the pieces of his life story together. Nat has diligently worked on the manuscript since a serious snowboarding accident six years ago in January 1994.

In chapter one Nat is introduced as a typical baby boomer, born to working class parents in November 1947, being fortunate enough to grow up in the beachside suburb of Collaroy, 25 kilometres from Sydney. The reader is invited to share Nat¹s first sexual experiences with his mates and understand how his deep love of the ocean developed despite the "Yobbo"environment created by the members of the Collaroy Surf Club.

Surfers took over the beaches of the world in the early 60s, surfboard riding contests sprang up everywhere. In Australia Nat Young was one of Australia¹s first shining stars winning the 1963 Australian Open, the prise was a first class air ticket around the world. After spending 3 months in Hawaii, Nat was arrested in California for being under 17 in America without a legal guardian, which created another incredible story. Going back to school was impossible after 6 months on the road, Nat was offered his first sponsorship at 16 years of age with "Hang Ten" a Californian Clothing company.

In 1965 Nat placed runner up in the first World Championship in Peru, the dramatic contrast between the wealthy Peruvian¹s and Australians lifestyles was an interesting comparison to write about. Nat became aware of what a "Kahuna" is, through his association with the great "Buffalo" Kahalana.

Winning the next World Championships in California was the real capping on his competitive career. Nat won a new Chevy Comero and introduced the surfing world to a new style of surfing on his revolutionary "shortboard". Being World Champion in any field opens many doors and opportunities, the stories around this period are a fascinating insight into Nat's real personality. He had a chance to gain understanding of business by working as a manager of a division of Speedo Knitting Mills and fell in love with an Olympic skiing champion who introduced him to skiing. In 69 He built a beautiful house hanging over the cliff face at Whale Beach in Sydney and married his childhood sweetheart. Many hot surfing movies were made of his exploits travelling the world in search of quality waves but the stories behind these adventures have never been told until now.

As a committed "back to nature" hippie, Nat and his family moved to Byron Bay where he experienced the incredible changes that effected everyone in that period. Being one of the first pioneers to surf Indonesia in 73 gave him an interesting insight into another culture. His new found love of skiing gave him a deep understanding of the similarities between surfing and skiing and in 79 he wrote and produced an award winning documentary called "Fall-Line". In 82 Nat married Ti and the Longboard was introduced to professional surfing. Ironically he became 4 times World Champion on the style of board he had been responsible for making obsolete back in 66. Ti and Nat opened two surf shops in this period, Ti worked hard managing them while Nat surfed all over the world on the Longboard tour for the next five years.

Nat passed his pilots licence in 1984 and the adventures he had with flying and owning a Maule airplane are very revealing. November Alpha Tango was the call sign of the single engine aircraft he imported from the states after selling his movie "Fall-Line" to American cable television.

The New York fashion house of Ralph Lauren invited Nat to model their clothes and this eventually led to a strong association with a French surf clothing manufacturer called Oxbow. Nat worked for Oxbow for 10 years as a professional surfer and in a management capacity, eventually returning to a simpler life living on the farm at Nymboida. While living on the farm Nat and Ti built a holiday unit complex on the beach at Angourie on the north coast of New South Wales.

1993/4 was a disaster on many fronts. Nat¹s best friend and business partner was murdered, leaving Nat and Ti with a hugh financial commitment to complete the final stage of the holiday complex. In February 93 Nat crashed the plane and had a snowboarding accident in Sun Valley as well as a serious surfing accident when he returned to Angourie. A disastrous trip to Europe around this time convinced Nat that he should leave Oxbow and concentrate on his family and home base at Angourie. "The Church Of The Open Sky¹s the chapter pertaining to this period.

The final chapter is named after Nat¹s home spun philosophy to life after 52 years. "Make It A Beautiful Life" its up to you, you are not going to get another opportunity so make the most of it, enjoy life to the fullest.